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The Hatchmoor Herd

The Hatchmoor Herd consists of 140 Elite Health Status, pedigree, Stabiliser ™ cows which will be increasing to 150 in 2019.

Our herd is a single suckled, closed herd.  Housed over winter in a purpose built barn, the cows are turned out in Spring for calving. In 2018 we implemented a paddock grazing system to make the best use of the grass grown on the farm.

Being passionate about beef farming and the Stabiliser ™ breed, we take great pride in our breeding programme, the health of our herd,  and in producing high quality beef for the UK market. 


A beef suckler herd, primarily fed on home grown grass, using a proven breed with improved feed conversion, is one of the most sustainable ways to produce beef both now and in the future.  This is why we chose the Stabiliser breed.  The first Stabiliser™ cows were introduced to the farm by the late Frank Momber, some 15 years ago. There were a number of traits that attracted us to the breed:

Medium sized mature cow – low maintenance

Easy Calving
– small calves that get up and suckle quickly, fast growing

Good maternal traits
– take to calves easily, good milk production

Early Maturing
– heifers suitable for bulling from 12-15 months
                        – bulls ready to work from 12-15 months

Very fertile
– good herd fertility, good conception rates, tight calving pattern

– quiet and easy to handle

Good feed conversion
-  lower inputs, utilise grass well

Reliable EBVs
– selections based on specific traits

Since we started with the breed we have implemented a breeding programme incorporating top AI Stabiliser ™ sires and our own home bred bulls.  The result is that we are regularly breeding animals that are in the top 5% of the breed based on their genetic potential.

Animal health is very important to us. We ensure that every animal on the farm is in the best possible health at all times.  To support this a comprehensive health plan is in place. 

Our commitment to herd health is recognized by HiHealth Herdcare (www.hihealthherdcare.co.uk) who awarded us Elite Health Status for the following diseases:
BVD – Elite Status since 2008 – we are also member of BVDfree England –  www.bvdfree.org.uk
IBR – Elite Status since 2010
Leptospirosis – Elite Status since 2010
Johne’s  - Risk Level 1 since 2010

In order to maintain our Elite status we blood test the herd every year and operate a closed herd – all replacement cattle are home bred, as are our stud bulls.  The herd is TB free.  The only thing that comes through the farm gate is AI semen!

We are a Red Tractor Assured farm and have been since 2000. 

Having been breeding Stabiliser cattle for a number of years, we can clearly see and measure the benefits of the breed and would thoroughly recommend trying this breed.

For more information or to arrange a visit – please call us on 01420 538139 or 07720 204170.

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