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Breeding Stock For Sale

Our aim is to supply top quality Stabiliser™ breeding animals
– both in terms of their health status,  breeding  and genetic potential (ebvs).

For details of current stock for sale, please call 01420 538139 or email hatchmoorfarm@gmail.com

The Hatchmoor Herd is TB free, and has HiHealth Herdcare Elite Health Status for BVD, Leptospirosis, IBR and Johnes. 
We have been Elite since March 2010.

We sell Pedigree Stabiliser™ Breeding Bulls with Elite Health status and top £profit ebvs  – prices range from £3,000.
Please call 01420 538139 for details of bulls available. 

Bulling Stabiliser™ heifers are available at 10 – 15 months of age, with a target weight of 400kg at 12 months. 
Please call for details of current animals available.

All breeding stock is recorded and registered with the Stabiliser™ Cattle Company and full EBVs are available for all animals.  All  Stabiliser™ breeding stock sales are administered by the Stabiliser™ Cattle Company who issue Stabiliser™ pedigree certificates.  The Stabiliser™ Cattle Company website is www.bigbeef.co.uk

For more information please email hatchmoorfarm@gmail.com or call 01420 538139

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